Books and Articles


bhchuko2bis100 Hiro HIRAI and Minoru OZAWA (eds.)
The Microcosmos of Knowledge: Medieval and Renaissance Intellectual History
(Tokyo: ChuoKoron, March 2014)
Koji_Book100 Koji KUWAKINO
Architectus Sapiens: Garden, Theater and City as Mnemonic Schemes in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
(Tokyo: ChuoKoron Art Press, 2013)
bhsoshopara100 Yohei KIKUCHIHARA
Paracelsus and the Magical Renaissance
(Tokyo: Keiso Publishing BH series, 2013)
Winner of the 2014 History of Science Society of Japan Prize!
bhsoshoemy100 Emi ENOMOTO
Self-Portrait of a Genius: Cardano and Renaissance Autobiography, Astrology and Dream Interpretation
(Tokyo: Keiso Publishing BH series, 2013)
Ken_Soul100 Ken NEJIME et al.
The Soul of the Italian Renaissance: Studies and Translations, 2nd revised ed.
(Tokyo: Sangen Press, 2013)
hiraoka100 Ryuji HIRAOKA
Textual Studies in Early Jesuit Cosmology in Japan, 1549–1817
(Fukuoka: Hana Publishing, 2013)


Internet Lectures and Interviews
(in Japanese)

Architectus Sapiens: The Art of Memory in Garden, Theater and City

Book Presentation at Kinokuniya Bookstore (Tokyo)
Paracelsus and the Magical Renaissance

Yoshimi ORII
Japanese and Western Cultural Exchanges in Early Japanese Christian Texts

Yoshi KATO
Academic Life in the USA

Western Cosmology in Japan’s Christian Century