The Microcosmos of Knowledge: Medieval and Renaissance Intellectual History

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I. The Tradition and Innovation of Learning

  1. Struggling with Biblical Quotations in Late Medieval Sermons (Yuichi Akae)
  2. The Art of Memory and the House of Wisdom in Lambert Thomas Schenkel (1547–c. 1630) (Koji Kuwakino)
  3. The Birth of Danish Runology: Ole Worm and the Goth Renaissance (Minoru Ozawa)


II. God, Nature and Monsters

  1. Jesus’s Profile Portrait: Forging Authenticity and Ancientness in the Renaissance (Chiyori Mizuno)
  2. Imaginary Tribes and Monsters in Hartmann Schedel’s Chronica (1493) (Yohei Kikuchihara)
  3. Representations of the Eucharist from Rabelais to Théodore de Bèze (Takafumi Hirano)
  4. A Scandalous Concept of God: Dutch Theologians against Spinozism (Yoshiyuki Kato)


III. Matter and Life

  1. Saving Aristotle: Julius Caesar Scaliger and the Reform of Scholasticism (Kuni Sakamoto)
  2. Renaissance Medical Debates on the Origin of Souls (Hiro Hirai)
  3. Life and Death in Francis Bacon’s Early Natural Philosophy (Kaz Shibata)


IV. Japan and the West

  1. The Jesuit Conception of the Soul in Japan’s Christian Century (Yoshimi Orii)
  2. Paradise, Jesuit Cosmology and Japan  (Ryuji Hiraoka)